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Basement Waterproofing

basement water proofingWe are Illinois Basement Sealing, and we provide basement sealing services for Franklin, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. Our expert professional services include basement waterproofing and repair services for drain tiles, sump pumps, French drains and concrete cracks. Our services are performed by industry leading basement sealing services technicians who are experts in any and all jobs to do with basement leaks. When it rains, and you immediately start checking your basement for puddles or your drains for water build up, then you require the use of our services. We will gladly speak with you about your basement sealing needs and send one of our highly skilled professionals to inspect your basement and provide a consultation on your repair options.

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The purpose of waterproofing your basement is necessary because most basements are built with concrete and underground. Nature will take its course, and you’re bound to get leaks. Illinois Basement Sealing specializes in finding those pesky leaks and stopping them. Our skilled experts will assess your basement sealing needs and determine the type of waterproofing you need. You could require sealants (strong adhesives typically made with epoxies, urethanes or polymer products), a drainage system installed, or a sump pump. Our experts will be able to explain and then craft a plan as to the type of basement waterproofing work to be done for your basement. We guarantee our work as well as the products we use, which exceed industry standards. And once the work is complete, we’re just a call away with any further concerns or issues come up and need to be addressed.

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So when you have a leaky basement, please don’t hesitate to give us here at Illinois Basement Sealing a call at (312) 697-1082, and let our highly competent basement sealing services technicians schedule an appointment. We’ll send one of our certified professionals to your home for a no-hassle, no-obligation consultation and discuss our affordable rates for your basement sealing services needs. You’ll be glad you did.

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